Facebook Officially Announces Its 'Libra' Cryptocurrency

[img alt="Dims?crop=3413%2C1861%2C290%2C169&quality=85&format=jpg&resize=1600%2C873&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs.yimg%2Fos%2Fcreatr Uploaded Images%2F2019 06%2Fd76d5810 911c 11e9 Bdf3 2a7780ea5f46&client=a1acac3e1b3290917d92&signature=451978af4689306894b408fb61b5e1745edc063e"]https://afribaze.net/uploads/2019/06/dims[/img] After...

Google blocks Huawei from accessing Android

Google has blocked Huawei, the world's second biggest smartphone maker, from some updates to the Android operating system. New designs of Huawei smartphones are set to lose access to some Google...

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